Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sumatra Big Quake

I was surfing the net yesterday just minutes after midnight when suddenly I felt a little uncomfortable. I found my body to be swaying slightly to and fro. I initially thought I was just losing my balance due to my sitting posture (my sitting postures can be weird at times while surfing the net at home), but it doesn't really seemed to be the case. I stood up on my feet and I noticed that I was still swaying abit. It was then my mum called out to me from the kitchen that she felt the house shaking. Indeed, the plastic containers hanging by the side of the wall cabinets were shaking, so was my fishtank in the living room. I immediately knew that some earthquake must have taken place in Sumatra or nearby, but my mother was still panicky. She called up her friends to check if their side was okay. It was until I told her that channelnewsasia had just reported about the qauke that she finally calmed down.
I lived in the Eastern part of Singapore and it is common for residents here, especially those living on higher floors like me, to feel tremors once there was an earthquake in Indonesia, but this was the first time both my mum and I had felt anything like this. Now I finally understand how some people felt when they thought their buildings are going to collapse during such tremors!