Tuesday, September 30, 2008

3 Funny Thai Health Commercials

Here are three funny Thai commercials found on Youtube. How I love Thai commercials!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's a Wrap! End of "The Odd Couples"

So yesteday was the final performance for "The Odd Couple", and how time flies! It was a really fun experience working in this production, although I did not have the chance to interact with many people, especially the cast. My next production will be in November, and I believe it would be with the same class again. Really looking forward to it!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Preview for "The Odd Couple"

Today is the preview for "The Odd Couple" and I was shocked. I was shocked because I only realised that last evening. Or rather I had thought it was supposed to be a few days later. But since my job as the lighting op for this show is relatively easy, it didn't quite bother me.

The audience today was very receptive of the performance, and they were cheering and laughing loudly, and from my position on the control tower at the back of the auditorium, I thought I was watching an American sitcom. I never expected the audience's response to be so positive in the first place, and the atmosphere is entirely different then when watching even the last dress rehearsal.

One day down, and four more days to go; hopefully every other performance will be as smooth-running too, and I'm looking forward to my next production, doing sound op for a musical...

I have actually taken a few video clips of the drama during it's final dress rehearsal in the daytime, but until I know for certain I'm allowed to upload them onto any video servers, I am not in liberty to show them here. However, those who are on facebook can see one of the clips on "The Odd Couple" events page.

Friday, September 12, 2008

LASALLE's Performance Season Starting Soon

Although I'm just a mere lighting operator for one of the shows in the upcoming performance season of my school, I thought why not advertise them on my blog!

So altogether, there will be 4 shows being staged from 18th September to 11th October at the Flexible Space and Creative Cube within our campus compound. The 4 shows are: "5 Women Wearing the Same Dress" (18 - 20 Sep.), "The Odd Couple" (24 - 27 Sep.), "A Dream Play" (26 - 27 Sep.) and "Fever" (9 - 11 Oct.). Tickets are on sale now at Gatecrash (just follow the respective links above).

Please come support us!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Start of Production Period: The Odd Couple

So I had started attending rehearsals for "The Odd Couple", a drama production which would be held somewhere this month (I still have no idea when it would be held, although I knew my production period is from 16th to 27th this month!). I am the lighting op., and am really looking forward to it.

I have been very anxious when I first got the brief production schedule early last month, and being a bit kiasu, I actually went to get a zapped copy of the script, only to realised lately that we were producing the "female version" of the Neil Simon play and not the original male version which I had originally conveniently assumed. What a waste of money, but anyway both versions are more or less the same in terms of concept, so although I joined in the rehearsals much later than my other classmate who's doing the sound op., at least I know roughly the gist of the plot.

I thought "The Odd Couple" was really an interesting play, and I actually enjoyed sitting in for the rehearsals. I'll try to see if I can do a bit of video recording of the rehearsal next time round during rehearsal.

I was taking snapshots of the set before rehearsal commenced and I saw a shadow zoomed past; it was my SM Caleb trying to get all the props ready. I think my troupe's "SMs" should consider themselves very, very lucky and pampered to only turn up on performance day without knowing a single thing about the plot!

My LD Wang Meng with 1/3 of the cast in the background

The temporary "dressing room" for our cast; I can't imagine myself doing costume changes in such a chaotic place!


I had been feeling giddy on and off since yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon while at Artfriend near my school, I was shopping for some stuffs when I suddenly felt my body swaying to one side as if I was intoxicated by alcohol. It was really strange why I just felt giddy all of a sudden; I had a decent lunch, I didn't have any headache, and neither did I felt any other weakness in my body. Later on in class during technical drawing I felt the giddiness again while sitting on my chair, and also in the evening while on my way walking to DBS Arts Centre (I suddenly just couldn't walk straight for a few seconds).

I thought I'd be okay today, but apparently I wasn't. At times when I walked fast or turn my head quick, I'd feel like being swept off my feet by some typhoon. Hence despite I have had a production meeting and a production rehearsal to attend in the afternoon, I had no choice but to skip all of that to rest at home.

What the hell was wrong with me? I certainly have got no idea...

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Mamma Mia!

I just can't wait for Mamma Mia! to hit the silverscreens, although it is said that it would be shown "in cinemas September 18". Having missed Mamma Mia! when the musical came to Singapore years ago, I'm determined not to miss the movie version again. How great it is, with two ABBA-inspired shows coming to Singapore one after another!