Saturday, April 10, 2010

Interesting Food Court Stall Titles

One thing I don't like about foodcourts are that food sold in most of them are usually so standard that it doesn't quite interest me in entering them. This evening, however, I passed by this foodcourt in Punggol and it attracted my attention.

No, the food sold inside are once again the conventional ones you can find almost anywhere. What interested me was the signages for each stall. Each stall has had 3 or 4 Chinese characters for their signs, like Chinese idioms, and at least one character in the phrase would sum up what the stall is selling, like yin xiang shen ke (印象深刻), which means literally "a deep impression" for Indian (yin du) food. And guess what was used for roasted duck rice (la ya fan or 腊鸭饭)? They used la bi xiao xin (蜡笔小新), which meant "Crayon Shinchan"!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Greek Easter

Yesterady morning my programme coordinator came into class with a tray of red eggs and I wondered who in our faculty was celebrating a new born baby's first month. Later on then I realised that the eggs was not celebrating that, but Easter - the Greek way (my programme coordinator is a native Greek by the way). Talk about cross culture similarities! Well this is the first time I ever came across a Greek Easter egg, and my programme coordinator took the trouble to explain all the festive practices that are related to their version of the Easter Egg, including the greeting words one has to say while giving or receiving the eggs, but I just couldn't register in my mind because, no pun intended, they're just too Greek to me! Anyway, here's the photograph I've taken of that egg, and wish all Christian readers out there Happy Easter!