Saturday, January 23, 2010

Debut Performance in English

Today marks my first theatrical performance in English.

Well, it isn't really a theatrical production; it is actually a dramatised reading of a new play titled "Pink Kisses" written by my classmate. But then, since there's some bit of acting involved (with our scripts on hand though) and that it was performed in a theatrical space with real basic theatrical light, it can somewhat be called a theatrical performance nevertheless.

Come to think of it, I first stepped into the world of theatre as an actor 12 years ago (that is excluding the time I performed as an owl in a fairytale poem in Primary 5 and performing in a street-side Hokkien opera when I was 15) with a Chinese drama club, but it wasn't long before I called it quits (due to some conflicts with one of their senior members), and since then I had performed solely with my Hokkien opera troupe. Hence, this is my first contemporary performance after a 12-year absence.

There are a number of first-time experiences for me too: first time performing without any projection devices or amplifiers, first time involved in dramatised reading, first time stepping into the role as a "cast member" in my school's theatre space, first time working with directors outside my opera troupe as an actor. The experience was great, although I felt that I could have done better. Somehow, being no longer confined by the strict set of bodily gestures I am so used to in my Chinese opera performances, there were times I just wasn't sure how I should compose myself. Perhaps I'm just more suited to perform in Chinese opera, but then again, I won't dismiss the fact that I might get involved in other contemporary theatrical shows again in future. That's not to say I will give up Chinese opera, just that I always feel that it's always good to try a bit of everything, for there'll always be things to learn form in every aspects of theatre. That's what I feel is the best way to upgrade oneself artistically, instead of just focusing on things that is of direct relation to oneself.

Friday, January 01, 2010

A Hokkien Song That Sounded Terribly Wrong

Recently there's a Hokkien song that I constantly hear over Rediffusion that caused me to get choked on my food, for it sounded terribly wrong, as if it's a vulgar song. Of course, I know well it is not the case, for such songs will definitely get banned by MDA (or whatever relevant authorities). But the words to the song really sounded like some very common Hokkien vulgarities that even after hearing it for so many times over and over again, I still found it very wrong. So, I went to did a search on this song using part of the lyrics as keywords, and I found out that this song is "Super Sales" (超级卖 in Chinese, see what I mean now?) by Cai Qiufeng. If you're still not convinced, have a listen at it:

To be honest, despite its weird-sounding nature, I quite like the song. Not only is the melody catchy, I like how it takes a more light-hearted and nonchalant approach to all the social problems in this present day Taiwan. But then again, I wonder if any of the people involved in the production of Cai's album realised this vulgarity-soundalike issue or not?