Friday, June 27, 2008

Performance After-thoughts: "The Teacher, The Thief" at Tampines East C.C.

I just returned from my troupe's performance at Tampines East Community Club, and am too tired to do anything. Today we performed "The Teacher, The Thief", our most well-loved show by our audience. It is actually quite unusual for us to perform this show today, because the last time we performed this show at this same community club was just less than 2 years ago. Previously, we were not allowed to repeat the same show in the same venue again, unless after a lapse of at least 5 years.

So, how do we fare in our performance today? Well, it depends whether if one's looking at the narrow perspective or wide perspective. If wide perspective, that is, the show on the whole, it was a success; our audience loved it, and were totally engrossed in our acting. However, from the narrow perspective view, our actors had hiccups here and there. So far we have not had so much hiccups in a single night before during all our previous runs of this same show. Why did we have so much hiccups? Did we have too little time to rehearse before the actual performance? Or that we had not prayed to our "Gods" before the show commence? Well I won't want to conclude anything for now, but I just can't help wondering...
My self-made beard; how do you find it? Our troupe has got no beard which I think is suitable for my role, so I had no choice but to make one on my own.

Is this a lady from the ancient world brought to modern time, or a lady from modern time brought back to ancient world?

Show me your hand only when you have got gold or diamonds!

My makeup today, in "pseudo Yueju" style; lately our troupe members started to shift from Taiwanese style of makeup to the more softer Yueju style, which is similar to what I had always put on for the past few years

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Current Top Must-watch Serial

Lately I was very into this particular 32-episode drama serial from China, titled "旗舰" ("Qi Jian", or "The Flagship" when translated into English). What makes me intersted in this drama is due to 2 factors: it features a naval-theme which I can somewhat still relate to, and that it stars one of my favourite China actor Jia Yiping.

I know it would cause some people to raise their eyebrows when I say I like this drama, for even some of my China friends do not even watch the shows from their own country, and some simply don't support their national CCTV network of channels. Actually, I only watch selected China-produced serials too. Many serials, alas, were major disappointments.

From what I can tell, it tells the story of an ambitious university graduate who started as off as a fresh naval recruit and climbed his way up to become the captain of his own vessel. In someway, I could see similiarities between the title character and me. The only differences were that I was only a naval specialist and not an officer, and that the system of military training shown in the serial was very much different from what I had experienced before, but of course that's nothing unusual! That was so much I could say about this serial for I only managed to catch just 2 episodes of it on TV, but the first episode was still not that bad in my opinion. Hopefully it shall remain that way till I finish the last episode!