Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Painful Lesson

My father had been admitted to the hospital this evening. I don't know how to say what happened to him; it's a long story, and it all started because of a numbness on his toe.

You see, my father has got a very bad habit of using his own methods to cure himself of illnesses. Many a times, these so-called "methods" are just what he think will work and had never been proven to work, like purposely taking twice the dosage of medication prescribed by the doctor, claiming that it would speed up the process of recovery. Anyway this time round, when he got a numb toe, he didn't visit any doctor, but got himself some plasters. Not only did these plasters not work, but he got a "hole" in his toe, and that made him in bad pain for a long time. It was so bad that he couldn't sleep at night. He then went to visit those regular clinics and tradition Chinese medical practitioners, and none of the medication worked for him. Instead, it only made the condition worse, and all in all he'd already spent hundreds for the past weeks on his toe. I persuaded him to go and see a specialist at the hospital, but he simply refused. "What use can an x-ray do for my numb toe?" was his reply. His stubborness is frustrating, but I can understand his situation. He has got diabetes, and he's afraid that if he were to go to the hospital, the doctors there would certainly want to amputate his toe. But then again, visiting the "wrong" doctors is not going to make his condition improve, and as proven, it only made his toe even worse, and now had to be hospitalised for further checkup. If he had gone to the hospital for checkup earlier, maybe he won't have to be hospitalised already.

Although now my father's been hospitalised, I believe his condition is still not very bad. The initial examinations at the hospital showed that his blood circulation around his toe is not good, but since he could still feel pain in his toe, it means that his toe is still not totally beyond cure yet. I just hope that after this painful lesson my father will stop trying to use his own ways to cure himself. He is no doctor, and life is not a playing matter either!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Ten Years

Lately I have been taking a lot of photos, not so because I had a photography project to do, but because I had to do site recci and project documentation for my technical theatre project.

A few weeks ago I was passing by Ann Siang Hill area in the afternoon and decided to snap some pictures, and I just realised that I had taken some shots of that area as well about a decade ago. Here are 2 shots of Ann Siang Hill a decade ago, and a decade later:

Not bad as a form of visual historical documentation I supposed? Now I'm inspired to do more of such historical archiving photography works..

My Work For Exhibition

I haven't been logging in into our institute's Learning Portal for quite some time, and today I went in to check for any new updates, and received a good news: my 3D head structure had been selected to be displayed at the National Library for the Singapore Arts Festival from 21st to 27th May! This was really something very unexpected, and I don't wish to repeat why. I just hope that my work won't get spat at during the exhibition!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Songkran in Singapore

Just not long ago I was unhappy at not being able to make it to Thailand for Songkran festival due to time schedule, although I had booked the air tickets not long after I returned from Nakhon Nayok last year. Today, however, I had a short taste of being in the festive mood again locally.

This afternoon, after buying some art material at Bras Basah Complex, I decided to take a detour to Golden Mile Complex for a while before going back. Being the "Little Thailand" of Singapore, I thought there would be some sort of celebration going on. And indeed there is. The moment I reached the area, even before I stepped into the complex itself, I already saw many Thai people with their face powdered; a sign that there was water splashing activities going on.

The main water splashing "zone" was inside Golden Mile Complex itself. I was surprised when I see that the floors of the first and second stories totally wet due to all the water splashing going on. I don't even remember seeing people splashing water in shopping malls or commercial buildings in Bangkok! Anyway the floor of the first storey is so wet that almost half of my feet were submerged in water.

This is the first time I saw so many Thais in Golden Mile Complex and its surrounding areas, so much so that I almost thought I was in Hat Yai or Phuket. The festive spirit was strong, but relatively milder than in Thailand. For one thing, the celebration of Songkran is only restricted to the Thais and those who like Thai culture, hence the "water splashing troops" do not simply splash at anyone, but only at those who showed interest in their activity. When I initially arrive at the mall, nobody "disturbed" me even though I walked among them, but the moment I started taking pictures of these people in action, I got splashed and powdered.

Now, having had a mini Songkran celebration locally already, I felt much better. But even then, I am still not quite happy that my air ticket was wasted. Hopefully next year I'd have the chance to go again!


Friday, April 11, 2008

Photography in School

I have not touched an analog camera for almost a decade, and today I finally got in touch with it again for photography lesson in school. Actually my class do not have photography lesson today, but as I was on medical leave two Mondays ago when the class was supposed to do analog photography, I had to be rescheduled to join another class to make up for it.

I had always like photography, and I used to carry my camera around so that I can snap pictures as and when I feel like it. Ironically, I had a phobia for analog photography. I remembered years ago, in an era where digital camera did not exist yet, I once loaded a roll of film wrongly, and none of my shots were captured, and since then I was too scared to even load films. Luckily with the invention of digital cameras, I was once again snapping pictures.

Doing analog photography was like traveling back in time, and much more. Other than doing the shooting, we have to develop the film ourselves in the dark room. It was really fun, but very tedious, as we have to unload the film from the film canister into the dump container in total darkness. On top of that there is a number of processing steps in order the pictures to be registered permanently on the film strip, which took about half an hour to complete. And that is just the developing of the film negative itself; developing of final print is another separate, but equally time-consuming step!

To be honest, although digital photography is much more convenient, I feel that analog photography is much more fun. Perhaps many of the processing steps has been simplified in the digital method, and therefore lessened the fun aspect as well. But still, I'm still very into digital photography; at least I won't need to worry about taking bad shots and thus wasting film!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Never Been So Unlucky!

I have never been so unlucky in my lie before.

Two Thursdays ago, I was down with high fever, flu and cough. It was so bad that I was almost bed-ridden (on and off) until Tuesday, and till now I have yet to fully recover.

That's not all; just this Monday, I hurt my left wrist. It was a real freaky, as I had not bumped my wrist onto anything, and it was so painful that I couldn't even turn my wrist. It was much better now, but the pain is still there.

As if that's not bad enough, I think I had piles! My butt hurts a lot and at times I can't even sit properly. I didn't sleep well last night too as I was constantly awaken by the discomfort. I don't know how I got it; either I have been riding on my motorbike without letting the seat of my bike cool down slightly after having been baked in the sun for hours, or that my regular diarrhea lately (due to my fever) could have caused it. Now I have to even control my coughing, as even a slight cough can make my butt hurt.

Well hopefully my bad luck ill stop from here, as like what the traditional Chinese believe. Call me superstitious if you want, but I've had enough of all these ordeals!