Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Food Sadism

This is my third consecutive day dining out at this particular Thai restaurant in Golden Mile Complex, and I ordered the same dish as I did for the past two days: minced meat rice with basil leaves.

Yes you got it, I'm very into Thai food. However, I can't take spicy food. That is quite an irony since almost all Thai food stuffs (except for their sweet deeserts) have some chilli components in them, and they're rather spicy. I once ordered a bowl of wanton noodles forgetting to ask for no chilli, and ended up I have to mix the noodles with my whole can of soft drinks so as to reduce the spiciness but yet I still can't take it. That is how low my tolerance for chilli is!

So sometimes I was wondering: Am I being sadistic? Why am I eating Thai food "original" with all their chillies and then sweating and panting like mad after every mouthful of food? That's a puzzle which I still couldn't solve...