Saturday, April 22, 2006

My PDL for Motorcycle Lesson

I am very happy today, as I've finally passed my lesson 5 for my class 2B (motorcycle) lesson, and had got a PDL (probation driving license). That means, I can finally ride on public roads (under supervision, of course.

Today's test was my second attempt. I took my first test last Wednesday, which caused me 2 immediate failures and 14 demerit points. And I was confident that I would pass! For today, my confidence level was much lower, as just yesterday night, I had a hard time during revision. Not only did I failed many time to complete my narrow plank course without rolling off the plank, I was stuck at the figure-of-eight course, as I just could not get my bike to get to second gear on many occasions. Today's test was not any better. I could complete all my courses without much problems, but I felt that I did not do a good job while transiting from station to station. At points I was totally confused as to where I should position my bike, and at times I rode as if roding a bumpy bulldozer. I thought my test today would be a gone-case! However, I was glad that I managed to get just 10 demerit points for this test.

I couldn't help but be reminded of the days when I was taking my driving tests. I was full of confidence too on my first and second attempts, but was smacked with so many demerit points that it was simply impossible for me to pass. On my third attempt, I was totally demoralised. When the tester asked me how I felt about my own performance, I thought I was destined to fail, but he said that he had only deducted 2 points in total! Does that mean that one's confidence level is inversely proportional to his chance of passing? I really wonder!

My lessons so far had been rather successful, and hopefully my remaining lessons would be this smooth too, so that I can hit my target of getting my riding license by the end of July!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Not Insane ("Through the Rain" parody)

Sharing with you my most favourite MTV parodies done by MadTV.

Bobby: played by Aries Spears
Whitney: Played by Debra Wilson
Mariah: Played by Debra Wilson

(In a run-down apartment, Whitney and Bobby are having an argument)

Bobby: Woman, you a disgrace! Diggin' in ya old man's stash!
Whitney: Oh, Bob-bay. Bobby, it not like that BOB-BAY! I wouldn't do that to you, I would steal from you! That not who I am, thats... thats not what I BELIEVE IN!!!
Bobby: Bitch, you crazy! You don't know what you believe in!
Whitney: I'm leavin'! (Whitney goes over to the door)
Bobby: Whitney... Whitney, don't you go out that door! Woman, don't you go out that door!

(Bobby grabs her arm and a crack pipe and stash of coke falls out of her pocket)

Bobby: Dammit, I knew it!
Whitney: I hate you, I haaaaate you!
Bobby: Girl, thats good crack gone all over the place! What's wrong with you!?

(Whitney runs out into the rain)

(Music starts)

Mariah:If you smokin' rock cocaine
And some skunky weed
And that batch of basement crank
Caused your eyes to bleed And your husband is a pain
And your latest album- is sitting in
The "half-off" bin
Dont you stress
Tell the press (ooooh yeah)

I swear to God I'm not insane
Though the voices in my brain
Tell me I'm the queen of Spain
And I fly a horse drawn-sleigh
To a spaceship where I pray
To a monkey made of clay
And his name is José
Nonetheless, I'm not insane

If you're aroused easily
By a man who's on ecstasy
Or you lose it on TV
Like when I stripped on TRL
Take a good look at me
I kept it together
Although my weight, does fluctuate
Here on out
Go ahead and shout

Whitney & Mariah: I swear to God, I'm not insane!
Mariah: I'm engaged to a great dane!
Whitney: Fill my bootay, with champagne, yeah!
Mariah: All my shoes are made of hay!
Whitney: I work for the CIA!
Mariah: I invented Arbor day!
Whitney: I wear a hat, made of bengay
Mariah: Nonetheless, I'm not (Goes cross eyed in order to hit high note) Insaaaaane!

Mariah Carey/Whitney Houston"Not Insane"
Director: Robert Blake

Thursday, April 13, 2006

My Favourite Music Video

I love watching music videos, and this one below is one of my most favourite. Why is it so? Check out the contents!