Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Modeling Cat

I attended Necessary Stage's "Sofaman" this afternoon at Marine Parade Community Club, after which I walked towards a nearby multistorey carpark to retrieve my motorbike. Along my way there, I chanced upon a stray cat on a grasspatch staring at two pigeons on a tree. Feeling that it is very hard to come by a cat that is not staring blanking at nothing or giving hard glares at people approaching them, I decided to take out my handphone and take a snapshot.

Alas, my handphone does not have zoom function, hence I decided to try inch in a little to take a close-up, but I had a hunch that it might just panicked and ran away. Surprisingly, it didn't, and on the contrary it walked to a spot within a metre from me and laid down. It is very rare to have a stray cat that isn't afraid of human presence, hence I carried on snapping pictures of it.

As you can see, my camera was actually less than half a metre from the cat, and yet it isn't at very least bothered by it. This is about one of the very few moments I can actually take pictures of a stray cat at such a close distance!