Monday, March 31, 2008

"Chance Get-together": An Old-Skool MV

I felt a bit old-skool today, and coupled with craving to listening to E-jun's old song as well as the almost coming to an end to my current academic year (implying that my current classmates and I will split into different faculties and classes soon), I decided to showcase this real old MV from E-jun's debut album titled "萍聚" ("Ping Ju", translated loosely to "Chance Get-together" in English)

Who's that square-looking, but somehow sweet girl in the MV? Well that was E-jun when she was still in her teens! Now if one were to put that image of hers back then into current context, I think most people would probably thought that she was already in her 30s!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Interesting Banner

It seems like nowadays people doing small-scale businesses like to employ fun (at times nonsensical) tactics and wordings to attract customers, as in the handphone repair advertisement I had posted before.

A few days ago, I saw another banner of such nature at Albert Mall area selling towels; see for yourself!

For those who don't understand Chinese, the sentence in asterisks meant "Anyhow selling (at incredibly insane low price) due to boss not in town". I just find it very funny, and it simply caught my attention despite the banner being disastrous in terms of composition and usage of colours.