Monday, October 30, 2006

Take a Guess: Vietnamese Cai Luong

This is a clip from Cai Luong (Vietnamese folk opera) titled "Manh Le Quan". Does it bear a bit of resemblance with Chinese opera? In fact, this show is taken from a very famous Chinese opera story. The Chinese version has been acted before in Taiwanese opera, Minnan Xiangju opera, Shaoxing Yue opera and Anhui Huangmei opera. Even in Hong Kong, it has been adapted into periodic drama serial. Miko, Amai and Juanjuan, take a guess! See if you can guess what show this is. A clue: The title of this show in Chinese has three words, and it has already been mentioned in the clip before.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

My Other Chinese Blog

I had just created a new blog for myself once again. This time round, however, it is a Chinese one, and is hosted by Like this blog here, my Chinese blog will be a collection of my own thoughts. However, I would not be able to guarantee that both my English and Chinese blog will feature the same content, because I will update whichever I feel like updating. Having said that, it does not mean that I will favour one and neglect the other. But do come support both my blog, nevertheless!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Revenge Of The Haze

I had almost recovered completely from my flu, when I suddenly started coughing badly again last night at work. It was so bad that a colleague asked me if I had still not recovered. I thought I had taken some food or drinks earlier on which had aggrevated my cough, but it was only when I finished work that I realised that it was the haze that had caused my cough to worsen.

Actually, I'm not someone who falls sick easily. In fact, for the past 12 months, I had not taken any medical leave, or seen any doctors for any illness (before my Taiwan trip), whereas the rest of my ex-colleagues in my previous companies had paid visits to clinics for at least twice for common illnesses. However, I had two weak points. First, if I fell ill from flu, it usually took me over a month to get totally cured (without medication), and second, I'm very sensitive to haze. I was so sensitive to haze that my body starts to give way even before I can even smell the smoke. Either I can cough for no reason, or I get diarrhoea.

The haze this time was very bad, as the PSI level rose to about 140 today, the highest for the past few years. Hence, I decided to wear a mask to work, so that I can minimise the smoke intake during my travel to work by motorbike. It does feel uncomfortable wearing the mask, but I think I should take some protection against the haze. Afterall, I'm still an unconfirmed crew in my company, and I don't wish to fall sick again just because of the haze and get no medical claims. Well, hopefully the haze would go away soon. It's such a pain and agony to me as it had upset my lifestyle quite a little!