Friday, June 18, 2010

On Resumes and CVs

So I have not updated my blog for quite a while. Indeed I have been rather busy lately as I'm currently juggling between 2 major theatre design projects and several assignments tasked by my opera troupe, therefore I simply have no time to blog. Another reason for not updating is sometimes I wonder if anyone reads my blog at all even. But anyway, here I am, updating it again after a month's break!

Not too long ago a friend of mine stated in Facebook that she got a message (not sure if it's SMS or email though) asking for her professional service (theatre) and asked her to submit her CV. That's it. No mention of what production they are in, and what company/ organisation they are. A few days ago, it was my turn. I got this email from this organisation saying that they wanted me to be part of their production to make set and/ or props, and asked for my CV. Almost exactly the same scenario as my friend, except that I was given their website for me to have a brief look at what they're all about. I have not replied them, because the way they correspond with me just puts me off. To be precise, I'm bemused by their "professional" communication method. It seems strange that they don't even introduce themselves and their organisation in their initial email. Who will know who you are if you don't do that crucial introduction? If you can't even be bothered to do that, I seriously doubt the sincerity in all these acts. After all, they are the one approaching me for service, not the other way round. Therefore, why should they demand I send them a CV for them to "approve" before they disclose further about the production they require me for? This friend of mine warned me to beware of shady companies/ syndicates/ organisations that might use my CV for unauthorised purposes. Well I'm not sure how "professional" this organisation is, but the way they correspond with me is enough to just junk the mail.

Sometimes, I just don't these people. Maybe they think that theatre people are all desperate for jobs and will do anything just to secure a contract. Damn these people!

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